Lev Grossman and The Magician’s Land

Lev GrossmanLev Grossman, who many know as senior writer and book critic at Time magazine, has been making waves in the literary world with his dark and often comedic series of novels whose humble roots began with the critically acclaimed The Magicians.  I’m a huge fan myself, and I often found myself empathizing a bit more than I would like with the delightfully misanthropic Quentin Coldwater, one of the main protagonist’s throughout the books.  Obviously enough, I was thrown into a rapturous fit when I discovered that The Magicians wouldn’t be a stand alone work, and that a sequel was well on its way.  The Magician King was everything I hoped for and more, displaying heaps of Grossman’s signature wit and satire. The ending left fans ravenous for closure, and Lev plans on delivering.  The Magician’s Land still doesn’t have a release date, but it appears Lev is well aware of his fan’s insatiable desire for everything Fillory.  The first page of the new novel has been posted on The Brooklyn Book Festival’s website for your reading pleasure.  Check out the tantalizing tidbit by visiting the link below.

Check out the first page!


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